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The company

Artopoulos Pites was founded by Nikos and Stefanos Artopoulos about
30 years ago in Chaidari, Attica, where they started their business
manufacturing traditional Lebanese pita bread under the trade name
“ZIC-ZAC”. Since that time, the company has firmly established
itself in the traditional market for baked breads, and it is now
well-known throughout Greece for the flavour and high quality of its
Lebanese pita bread products. Over the years, our business activities
have focused on producing and distributing high quality products
which taste wonderful and have a high nutritional value.


1989 Nikolaos Artopoulos began making Lebanese pita bread in Chaidari,
under the trade name “ZIC-ZAC”.

1993 The company’s products became so popular with customers that
sales and, of course, production both increased substantially. The time
had come for the company to invest and relocate, and its new production
facilities became a reality.

2005 Due to the growing demand for its products, the ARTOPOULOS family
invested in new production facilities and relocated to Dimokratias Ave in
Acharnes, Attica. In the same year the company launched 2 new
products – Cypriot pita bread and whole wheat Lebanese pita bread.

2017 Artopoulos withdrew the trade name “ZIC-ZAC” and replaced it with
the family name of the business – ARTOPOULOS.

Our aims & values

ARTOPOULOS is strictly a family business, which has grown steadily
over the past 30 years. Stefanos Artopoulos, the son of Nikolaos
Artopoulos, is now at the helm of the company, and he remains faithful
to the principles he has inherited from his father. At ARTOPOULOS our
goal is to produce high quality baked breads day after day. With
respect for our customers’ preferences, we are dedicated to making
high quality products using all our enthusiasm, care and know-how.

Modern facilities & high quality

The production unit which makes the pita bread is located in
Acharnes, Attica and includes facilities for production, storage and
distribution as well as the company’s office facilities. ARTOPOULOS
is certified under the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:
2005 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) for
dough and pita bread production. The company employs specialised
personnel at all stages of the production process.


In Artopoulos Pitas, we have ensured certifications ISO for the Food Safety Management and determine the strict check of our company.

ISO 22000: 2005 – Food Safety Management – Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP).

ISO 22000 is an International System of Food Safety Management that has replaced the Greek standard ΕΛΟΤ 1416.

The aim is to attain the safety of foodstuff, that is to create food products safe for the consumer’s health. The system can be applied to businesses of all the magnitude and kinds of diet.
According to the current regulation 852/2004 of the European Parliament and Council, which replaces the Directive 93/43/ΕΟΚ, the application, the maintenance and the review of a Food Safety Management System is demanded, This includes the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) for the businesses, which prepare, alternate, produce, package, store, transfer, distribute, and offer foodstuff for sale.