Guarantee of Food Safety

In Artopoulos Pitas, we have ensured certifications ISO for the Food Safety Management and determine the strict check of our company.

ISO 22000: 2005 – Food Safety Management – Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP).

ISO 22000 is an International System of Food Safety Management that has replaced the Greek standard ΕΛΟΤ 1416.

The aim is to attain the safety of foodstuff, that is to create food products safe for the consumer’s health. The system can be applied to businesses of all the magnitude and kinds of diet.
According to the current regulation 852/2004 of the European Parliament and Council, which replaces the Directive 93/43/ΕΟΚ, the application, the maintenance and the review of a Food Safety Management System is demanded, This includes the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) for the businesses, which prepare, alternate, produce, package, store, transfer, distribute, and offer foodstuff for sale.